Musings of ls6


me:   [po polsku]

You can find my professional life on LinkedIn, my friends on Facebook and my public life on Twitter. Please, head there—there’s no point in replicating it here :)

I’ve also played with Google+ a bit but somehow I don’t go there too much.

my stuff:

This blog is a place to record my thoughts. I’m afraid it will have to be in two languages: on one hand I have to get more experience writing in Polish, on the other, some subjects are so universal I’d hate to restrict them. I’ll keep the blog posts tagged accordingly.

Public code is on github1.

While working at NXP in Eindhoven I’ve build a web application called Question Riser to improve communication between managers and employees. It has been deployed there and at another company but I’m not happy with it anymore so I’m writing a new, much improved version. Get in touch if you are interested.

Together with Aga we also did a podcast but it is in Polish. More info on the Polish version of this “about”.

[1] Although I prefer mercurial to maintain my files.